Last year in 2011 we finished planting at Shire Farm near Horncastle Lincolnshire. The farm was awarded a Woodland Creation Grant given by the Forestry Commission and it is hoped that the programme will encourage biodiversity, provide new habitats for wildlife and help tackle climate change.
The new areas will consist of about ten hectares of wet woodland along the farm's boundary with Snipe Dales Country Park and one hectare of lowland mixed broadleaf woodland. As the farm is organic weed control around the trees was completed by using mulch mats . The mats are biodegradable and are currently being supplied by Greentech Ltd.
Shire Farm produces a large variety of organic grains for use in health products and cosmetics and has planted many trees over the years. The farm uses a method known as biodynamic farming, which removes the need for artificial fertilisers and pesticides.
Farm manager Kate Urry said the grant will allow her to add to 3,500 trees already planted there.
Existing species include beech, willow, walnut, oak, chestnut, ash, birch, poplar, hornbeam, whitebeam and lime.
"We are also planning to underplant areas within the woodland with a carpet of native bulbs and wild flowers."
The project will help to enhance wildlife habitats on the farm and compliment the farms beehives.